Buying Equipment On Machine Rocket

We know it can be a struggle using various online platforms to find the equipment you are looking for.Machine Rocket for finding equipment dealers

Hassles like :

  • You have to set up an account
  • You have to visit multiple dealer sites to shop across your area
  • Some sites show results too far to be feasible

We knew there had to be a better way – something easy that just worked.

Simple To Use + Free For Buyers

Machine Rocket has been designed to benefit both the users and dealers. We strive to overcome the issues faced with other platforms.

We offer many easy to use features for you the buyer like:

  • Location Based - find machinery close to you or expand further away for a greater selection
  • Filter your search to narrow your selections
  • Easy to reach sellers with a single click
  • We don't require a login or an account setup just to do inquiries.

Optional Free Accounts Add Features

  • By setting up a free account (just a user name and password is all that is required) you are able to use our expanded features like:
  • Item Alerts will notify you when a machine becomes available that matches your criteria
  • Track Your Info Requests
  • Save Favorites

Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it. Have an idea to make the system better? Leave us some feedback – we would love to hear from you.