Nonprofit Donation Program

Matching Needs At Rocket Speeds!

We have taken our dealer sales platform to the next level by providing a way to match companies that have equipment and materials to donate, to deserving nonprofit organizations and schools at NO COST to either side.  We are getting nonprofit organizations set up and ready for the companies to start listing their donations.  If you are a nonprofit or school, make sure you are in line when those start coming through by signing up today.

For Education

Donation Program For Non ProfitsEducation is a living, breathing being; there are vital needs that must be met for the sake of survival. Machine Rocket is about meeting those needs. What Machine Rocket can do for educational curriculum is grease the wheels that move the gears, putting equipment vital to learning in the hands of the students. And they can do it at absolutely no cost to the educational program.

It could consumable supplies like metal for a welding program, or lawn mowers for a mechanics class.  It could be a piece of equipment that is more state of the art than you currently have.  The sponsor, director or teacher simply creates a free profile with a “wish list” on Machine Rocket. The software then matches the school with a supplier who is willing to offer the equipment to the program at no cost to the program.

It is absolutely free to any educational program or facility, there are no hidden fees, no quid pro quos; it is the simplistic idea of supply and demand without the cost. The program receives the equipment necessary to teach students what they need to know in order to become the highly skilled employees that can enter the workforce with increased knowledge.

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For Other 501c3 Organizations

Free materials and equipment you can use for your program or sell to raise money for something else you need.  You’re in control of what donations you wish to receive.  Even though you are set up as a non profit user to find donated items, you can certainly shop our dealers for equipment to purchase as well.  (We are sure they would appreciate that!). 

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What’s In It For Donors?

The problem we are working to solve for our donor companies is simple: they have surplus materials and equipment they can no longer use In some cases, they are paying to store it, scrap it or pay to have it hauled off.

Why would a company give equipment away? The simple answer is that they can receive a tax break for their donations. By getting a tax receipt from your non-profit, they can deduct the value of the donation on their taxes.

But the greatest reason for giving is simply the generosity of business owners. They understand the cycle of giving, getting and growing. And the PR factor is priceless for any business owner!

Donor Signups

If you are a company or individual that wishes to donate an item and you do not have a dealer account with us – you can sign up for either for free.

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Machine Rocket Donation Program For Non Profits and Companies